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Slot machines are among the most popular casino games, but some people genuinely believe that they’re some of the worst bets one can make in a casino, from a mathematical perspective. That assertion couldn’t be further away from the truth though. Together with Video Poker machines, slots are among the best paying, lowest house edge games in casinos.

While the house edge on slots will be anything from 1.5% to 15%, (which gives us an average of 8.25%) there are slot machines out there which barely have a 1% built-in house edge. How can casinos afford to work with such little margins? It’s simple: slots are about volume. Consider the space taken up by a roulette table. Now try to picture how many slot machines you can cram into that space. That’s right. If you add up the house edges on all those machines, you’ll probably get a much bigger % than what the roulette produces, but on individual machines, the edge can be kept extremely low.

 You can further reduce that edge by using a slots club card for a rake back like rebate on your wagers. Like rakeback in poker, (where rakeback and poker prop deals like the ones offered by Rakemeback can give you a 30-135% rake rebate), casino comp points, accumulated on your slots card, will offer you a great edge. Make sure you pick a slot machine which does indeed feature such a low house edge. In casinos, such micro house-edge machines are usually hidden in corners, leaving the higher house edge ones out in plain sight for the public to play at. Because many of the clients casinos get are tourists and recreational gamblers, the setup does indeed work for them. Most casino games feature much bigger house edges than slots.

Take Baccarat for instance, which features a 14% house edge. Casino war clocks in at 18% while Craps at around 11%. The king of them all though house-edge wise is keno. This baby features a 33% theoretical house edge, but that can go up as high as 60% in some cases. That makes slots look much better, doesn’t it? Another problem with the house edge most casino games feature is that in order to reach the officially displayed and advertised house edge, you need to play optimally. Take blackjack for instance. Those who do not have knowledge of basic strategy, will have to contend with a much bigger house edge than those who do. The same goes for roulette, where certain bets carry bigger house edges than others.

Slot machines however are easy to play and they require no previous training or acquired skills to master. The second you walk into the casino, you’re about as ready to play slots as you’ll ever be, aside from a few minor factors like betting the maximum coins, picking the right slot machine and such. Bet to win ratios are also excellent in slot machines.

Though the odds of hitting the jackpot are small, the bet to win ratio is probably the biggest among all casino games. Essentially, you wager small change for the chance to take home a fortune. That takes us to the entertainment value. Slot machines can be played for hours on end for a few bucks. No other casino game can match that. Because they take no or minimal human crew to operate, slot machines are cheap to maintain and thus they can afford to offer minimal wagers that just wouldn’t cut it over at the roulette or craps tables.


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